A Woman Swallows her own Engagement Ring

The young woman had to be intervened to have her jewel extracted

When a man gets on his knees and decides to put his girlfriend’s engagement ring on his hand it is one of the most romantic and beautiful moments for both of them. It is the beginning of a new stage in the lives of both and a commitment. But this jewel can cause certain problems, sometimes. That is why a woman swallows her own engagement ring.

He swallows his own engagement ring to avoid a tragedy

Jenna Evans lived an awake nightmare. So much so, that the day after what happened, when he woke up he thought he had lived a dream. While traveling on the train with her fiance Bobby, the woman swallows her own engagement ring to prevent heartless people from getting on with him.

When she got up at her home in California, she initially felt disoriented, but then she realized what she had done to prevent some assailants from getting their 2.4-carat ring.

In her Facebook account, the young woman commented that before the bewilderment she thought: «In case I haven’t lost it, I swallowed my engagement ring while I was sleeping on Tuesday night. I remember swallowing it, but I thought it was all a dream so I went back to sleep because, who the hell swallows your engagement ring! »

The solution was an operation

Once assumed, Evans had to go to the hospital to see what was the best way to expel the jewel from his body.

Thanks to an X-ray test, doctors were able to see where the ring was located. Due to the dimension of this, the doctors decided that the best way to extract it was by performing surgery. However, before entering the operating room he had to sign some papers in case something happened to him in the operation and he died.

The 29-year-old woman commented on her Facebook , “I cried a lot because I was very angry at the idea of ​​dying. I had waited too long for that damn engagement ring and I’m going to marry Bobby Howell!

Luckily, nothing happened to Jenna Evans and the operation went well. In spite of this, due to the effects of anesthesia he got up «crying hysterically. I was very happy, but I don’t know if I can look at the ring and appreciate it in the same way, ”he commented on ABC .

After extracting the jewel, the doctors handed it to Bobby and when he gave it back to his fiance, she promised “not to swallow it again, we’re still getting married.”

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