What is Keto – Keto Definition?

Keto is the short form for ketogenic diet.  It refers to the metabolic form ketosis.  In addition to the known glucose metabolism, ketosis is a natural metabolic form of the body.


What is keto Diet

How Keto Works

If you eat mainly carbohydrates, the body uses glucose as an energy source. Glucose is derived from carbohydrates. It is stored in muscle cells and organs. When this energy is exhausted through fasting or movement, our body uses an alternative energy source: fat

In ketosis, fatty acids are converted into so-called ketone bodies by the liver. In contrast to fat, they are water-soluble and can be transported by the bloodstream. As the body’s own energy, they can now be metabolized. Especially neurons such as in our brain can use these ketone bodies very quickly and very well.

Evolutionarily, ketosis is a normal metabolic state. In the past, food was not always available everywhere. There were no industrially modified fruits, sugar or wheat. In order not to suffer from lack of energy, the human organism has developed the keto metabolism in addition to the glucose metabolism. Could not be carbohydrates and sugar supplied to the body, this drew its energy from fat deposits.


How does keto work

Positive effects of Keto

In today’s affluent society, sugar and carbohydrates are available in bulk. It is rarely necessary for the body to switch to natural fat metabolism. From an evolutionary point of view, our body is still designed to carry out this “hunger metabolism“. Therefore, the body creates natural fat reserves. He wants to be prepared for “bad times”. With unnecessary, mostly annoying love handles we fight against overweight. Ketogenic diet can help.

The Benefits of Keto

The human metabolism can change permanently into the fat burning mode. This ketosis is a true miracle weapon of nature that has made us survivalists. It has many positive effects.

  • High constant energy level with low blood sugar
  • Mental focus
  • Fast weight reduction
  • No feeling of hunger
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Energy level and mental focus

Many convinced Ketarians rely on the performance lifestyle. They want to increase their ability to concentrate and productivity. Keto raises her energy level. You feel fit and energetic.


Keto Benefits

Anti-inflammatory effect in medicine

In medicine, ketogenic nutrition is recommended in numerous diseases. It is used, for example, for the treatment of epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Currently, the effect of ketosis in clinical trials is being tested in support of cancer therapy.

Decline in hunger

If you consume healthy fats, your body loses its appetite for unhealthy food within a few weeks. Notorious “food cravings” are no problem as soon as you make the transition to ketosis. Your body understands that its energy needs are always met. A cry for help aka “cravings” he no longer needs. Instead, the body transforms into a healthier state by breaking down useless body mass. Gradually, you assume the natural shape of your body type.

Fast weight loss

Studies show that the ketogenic diet reduces the fastest weight compared to other diets. Unpleasant flab are simply “eaten” by the body. And even without hose endurance sports!


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