Ulrika has Lost Weight: She Weighed 71 Kilos & then 56 Kilos

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Ulrika has lost weight: Before she weighed 71 kilos and then 56 kilos

Ulrike (22 years) has lost 15 kilos: Before she weighed 71 kilos and today 56 kilos

The first own apartment brings independence. Unfortunately our reader Ulrike dragged 15 extra kilos around after the move. So she packed the way back to the dream figure

It tastes best with nuts, and that was a good thing: “Mama always cooked well. That’s why I never had figure problems until I moved out, “says Ulrike. At that time she decided to stop eating meat, but ate too many and high-calorie vegetarian dishes. But only looking at a photo that showed her a few months later two sizes of clothes stronger, made the student’s legs.


So Ulrike’s plan went back to the top character:

Step 1: Setting the goal “First and foremost, I wanted to get fitter again. I used to run more often. But only a few weeks, just before the bikini season began. “Now Ulrike was for the first time looking for a long-term and healthy change.


Step 2: Find like-minded people

The Rostocker joined a running group and ran 3 times a week. “Most of all, the quick successes surprised me. Every week I managed a few more kilometers. “It went so well that after half a year of training, she managed a proud 21 kilometers at a stretch – the distance of a half-marathon! By the way, also the first pounds passed, and the student felt how well the sport was not just doing her body: “Running was a great balance to learning.”


Step 3: Adjusting provisions

Ulrike learned about healthy nutrition on the Internet and found many recipes for cooking. “In the morning I ate oatmeal with fruit. In the cafeteria I chose couscous or bulgur with vegetables instead of pasta. And in the evening, I cooked for myself, for example, lentil dishes. “Through legumes and whole grains, the vegetarian covered her protein needs. And if she was hungry in between, she would eat carrots or apples.


Step 4:

Try something new as an addition to running, Ulrike tried a lot: for example, the cardio workout Body attack by Les Mills, courses at the university sports or training apps for the home. She had no problems with sports or nutrition: “Running was at some point an integral part of my everyday life. During the meal I never had the feeling, to have to do without something, because I ate yet delicious. And if I had cravings for something sweet, I begrudge me that too. Finally, I made up for it with the next run unit. ”


Step 5: Want More

Within just under two years Ulrike lost 15 kilos – and leaned through the slow weight loss before the nasty yo-yo effect, which often goes hand in hand with crash diets. Instead of dress size 40, Ulrike wears 36. “Now I feel comfortable in my body,” she says happily. “And because I enjoy sports so much, I also participated in Women’s Health’s ‘sexy belly project’.”

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