Open Relationship: What it is and what Rules you must have to be Successful

Understand how this agreement works and what it takes to make it work

Monogamy, that is, the fact of having only one partner, is the current common and acceptable state in most parts of the world. However, it has not always been this way. In the origin of society, where the human being was nomadic and had no demarcated territory, relations had no notion of possession or belonging. This is the main characteristic of an open relationship.

Times are changing, and with it some concepts. One of the most discussed has been monogamy and open relationships. Understand what they are and if even today it is for everyone.

What is an open relationship

An open relationship takes place when the couple proposes to be together and love each other, but have the freedom to have physical relationships with other people. That is, there is no betrayal, but everything happens according to the predetermined rules.

An open relationship is different from polyamory, because there can only be affection between the couple, unlike polyamory, in which everyone can love everyone. It is also different from the swing and the like, that is, when the couple, even if it is essentially monogamous, decides to interact, with another couple or people.

In fact, it is a relationship, but without maintaining physical contact only with the couple. Also, according to the rules in the relationship, you can go out with other people.


Does this model really work for everyone? The truth is that not because this type of relationship depends on the profile, attachment and many other personal characteristics that determine its success.

There are people who prefer the monogamous relationship, there are people who prefer it open. It is a matter of choice and how to deal with detachment, the sense of ownership and belonging existing in a relationship that is known as traditional.

If the person feels that he cannot bear to see his partner with another person because he is jealous and possessive, it is not a good idea to try. But if you are someone with more open characteristics, who likes to know and experience different things, it may be an option.

What can be concluded is that for it to work, in addition to the will and conviction of both, there must also be rules.

Rules for the open relationship to be successful

There are no exact rules, since each couple has its own dynamic. The fundamental point is the dialogue. It is essential that the couple is and is very well, happy and stable before considering this possibility. Opening the relationship will not make existing problems disappear. You can even create new ones. Another important point to keep in mind is that both must have the same will, with the same intensity. That is, if one gives in to the idea of ​​an open relationship to please the other, it may be the end of the relationship in the short or medium term. All feelings, fears and frustrations should be discussed with maturity and, from this, the Couple creates their rules. It is not something that happens in a day, it can take years to find a suitable way.

1. Only physical and punctual

This is an important point for the relationship to remain open and become polyamory. It is also important to ensure partner status because when it comes to feeling, things can become more complicated.

Therefore, for some couples who practice it, it is important that their other relationships are only physical.

2. With whom

This will also depend on the couple. However, it is generally agreed not to put close friends or acquaintances in the relationship.

Again, this prevents the development of links and possible jealousy problems, which will eventually happen.

3. Where?

Many couples define that you can only have a physical relationship if they are out of their city, traveling, for example.

It is important that it be established so as not to hurt the couple’s feelings by taking the third person, for example, to their favorite place or home (or to one of them if they do not yet live together).

4. How

Will you share details? Do they both have to be present or is it better without each other? What is the ideal frequency and if this idea exists?

Everything must be spoken well so that it is well defined, starting gradually, so as not to have a great impact on taboos and brands developed throughout life.

5. Protection

Needless to say about the need to use condoms in all relationships. This is not only careful with the person, but also with any couple. Therefore, always use appropriate contraceptives and avoid contacts that may cause illness to the couple.

Likewise, it is important to have a lot of complicity, love and affection, trying to understand the reason for jealousy in the event that they appear, and to file the rough edges. And, as stated at the beginning, it is not a type of relationship for everyone, both must have an appropriate profile and be in tune.

Both monogamy and open relationships have their advantages and disadvantages, as does everything in life, where the choice concerns only the couple. Discover a little more about this type of relationship in the following video.

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