One day after getting Married alone, the Influencer Commits Suicide

After being abandoned at the altar, she followed the wedding plan, but the critics collapsed it

The Internet is, without a doubt, a minefield, this influencer says so. She suffered from suffering for a long time, and received treatment and talked about the disease in social networks. For her, it was good to take the romantic idea of ​​the disease. She was at her best and worst.

And one of those worst moments was, unfortunately, the last. He suffered the anxiety of the last days before the dream and planned wedding party. In her profile, it can be seen that she shared difficult moments and advice on how to improve. A friend told her that she took a lot of medicines during the week and that she had to go to the hospital, do washes to stay alive.

But she did not give up on life. In one of his previous publications, he made a montage with two photos, a “blogger” pattern and a natural one. In the first one he said that it was fixed, made up and beautiful, by default. But she had just yelled at her boyfriend that they were late to leave. In the second, she was without makeup, slippers and happy.

I try to show the people who accompanied her not to fall into the trap of social networks. These are full of perfect people with perfect lives (all chosen and edited).

In the midst of all this chaos, tension, chronic anxiety and depression, Alline Araújo, only 24 years old, received disastrous news. Your fiance would not appear at your wedding. The day before he backed down. And you want to know the worst? He notified you via a WhatsApp message.

He married alone and then killed himself

What do you think that happened? She managed to process and despite suffering she went to the party and married sun. She married herself, as an act of self-love, of overcoming and strength. He received the support of friends and family, thus celebrating his rebirth. It wasn’t easy, but she made this pact of loving herself for the rest of her life, even with a broken heart.

For both a person suffering from depression and not, this was a brave and healing attitude. Promise to love yourself, regardless of defects and limitations. Loving you above all, for the rest of your life. Best of all, with the support of true friends, those who hold your hand along the way.

It was a unique night of pain and redemption. Intense moments, with loving statements like that of her friend who appears in her Instagram post wishing happiness, many more achievements and claiming to be proud of everything she had built. It was certainly a memorable night. Excited, she decided to share what happened with her followers on the social network.

Overcoming the pain of abandonment on the eve of marriage is very difficult, regardless of depression. Now imagine the strength to turn this into an attitude and promise to love yourself.

Alline did it, but what happened next was too much for her. Everyone discovers how to deal with the disease, but the blow was too strong for the  influencer . As soon as he published what happened, he began to receive many positive comments. However, the negatives ended up weighing. People without notion and with free hate began to say that they wanted to get attention.

Cookie maker is the modern name for this. And in one post, his last one, Alline let off steam by saying that those who hate (those who hate her) are calling her a cookie, who is trying to get attention and succeed with the case. She says that these were the worst moments of her life, especially the bad comments. She calls those who hate ridiculous and said that would be the last time she would rule on the case.

And it really was. The day after his wedding, he fell from the ninth floor of the building, dying. Among the comments, one was very striking and deserves to be shared. “The level of cruelty was without measure. … A person who has severe depression doing what he did was GREAT. It was an act of self-love. Unfortunately, they could not recognize this and decided to give ‘opinions’. Hate is not opinion. Hate kills.

Lacked empathy, humanity, respect. If a person is suffering, no more stones should be thrown on them, but encourage steps towards healing. People should try to think more before writing, remembering something basic about education: do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you. More love please!

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