Mom Shares a Viral Post about Housewives

Ryshell Castleberry has paid a beautiful tribute to all women who are housewives

Ryshell Castleberry is a part-time tattoo artist and a full-time housewife who shared a viral post on Facebook. Gathering thousands and thousands of likes, the publication of the American pays a beautiful tribute to all women who, like her, are dedicated to domestic life.

In this publication, Ryshell created an imaginary conversation between a man and his psychologist, with the patient complaining that his wife does nothing in life.

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“My wife does nothing!”

Dialogue between a husband (M) and his psychologist (P)

Q: Do you work, Mr. Rogers?

M: Yes, in a bank.

Q: And his wife?

M: It does nothing. She is just a housewife.

Q: Do you do nothing? So who prepares breakfast at home?

M: She. After all, it doesn’t work.

Q: And when do you wake up to prepare everything?

M: Very early. Actually, my wife is not just about breakfast. Also verify that the children are well dressed and combed, if they drank the milk correctly, if they brushed their teeth properly, if they take all the material to school … Recently we had a baby and now he has to change diapers and breastfeed him soon in the morning.

Q: How do children go to school?

M: It is my wife who takes them, after all, she does nothing, does not work.

Q: And then? Does your wife do anything else?

M: Normally, it takes a little while to find something to do … But she will pay the bills, go to the supermarket … Sometimes, she forgets to buy something and has to go back to the supermarket. And all this, always carrying the baby. Once he gets home, he must prepare lunch for the baby, breastfeed and change his diaper again. While he sleeps, she still has the opportunity to tidy up the kitchen. Then wash the clothes and the whole house. Anyway, all this to pass the time … It does not work …

Q: When Mr. Rogers comes home, what do you usually do?

M: Relax a little, of course. I’m tired after working so many hours.

Q: And his wife …?

M: She prepares dinner, serves it to the children and me, cleans the dishes, fixes the house again, confirms that the dog is at home and gives him the remains of dinner. After helping the children in their homework, prepare everything for them to sleep and check that the baby’s diaper is not dirty. He still gives the children warm milk and confirms that they brush their teeth. When in bed, he constantly wakes up to breastfeed and change diapers. But no problem: you don’t have to work the next morning.

This is the typical day of a housewife, from morning until dawn. How can anyone think that this “is not work”? It is not necessary to have a diploma to be a housewife. However, this function is extremely relevant for family balance. So, value your wife, mother, daughter … Being a housewife is a job that requires a lot of sacrifice … without any price!

Once, someone asked a mother if she worked or if she was just a housewife. She said:

«I work as a housewife, every hour of the day».

In my work, I have several duties: mother, wife, daughter, I wake up the children, I prepare the meals, I am a maid, I help with the school tasks, I am a waitress, I take care of the children, I treat diseases, I do manual works, I give advice , I dedicate myself to the safety of children, I give comfort… I also don’t have a vacation, I can’t rest when I’m sick, I don’t have breaks, I don’t have a salary… and yet, there are always those who tell me that I don’t do anything in all day!

I dedicate this publication to all mothers who put family wellbeing first.

Never forget. A woman is like salt: it is not always noticeable, but its lack leaves everything tasteless.

Share this beautiful and inspiring message with all the housewives you know!

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