Minus 43 Kilograms – Sophia Has Lost Weight Successfully

Discipline instead of double portions

Sophia has lost weight successfully

At some point, Sophia had it thick and speckled from 113 to 70 kilograms

Our reader Sophia has thinned: With great discipline and little tricks she took in just 14 months, a total of 43 kilograms

It only fit in pants of size 46 – and pretty close. At 1.78 meters in height Sophia weighed 113 pounds, until she announced her overweight fight. “Of course, I’ve often tried to lose weight,” she says. “But I did not have the discipline before.”

Even patience was not the strength of the 25-year-olds. “If the weight did not go down after a few days, then I broke the diet completely frustrated.” And she quickly fell back into old eating habits. “I really did eat very unhealthily,” Sophia admits. After all, she could not ignore her body’s distress signals. She suffered from knee pain, and again and again she had digestive problems. It had to change something. Sophia tried again to lose weight – and this time it worked. She owes her success not least to these clever tricks.


Trick 1: Always believe in themselves

Sophia told her friends about her intent to spur on herself. “No one believed I was serious, and certainly not that I could do it, which made me all the more ambitious,” she says. “I already saw myself slim in my mind.”

Trick 2: Exposing culprits

In the meantime, Sophia is very careful about what she eats. “I realized that my portions were always too big and I ate too much candy. There were, however fattening foods that were me so conscious not, as fruit juices.” That’s exactly what the girl from Hamburg drank by the liter, but quickly replaced it with water. Her supplies of chocolate were given away by Sophia. “The first four weeks were a real pain. I felt like I was withdrawn,” she says.

Trick 3: Finding the Sattler

The student discovered an alternative to the beloved sweets: fruit. “I had apples all the time, and I also tried exotic fruits to get enough variety.” What started as a torment has become a hobby today. “The topic of nutrition was suddenly fun for me, I listened to what I got and what did not,” says Sophia. In the morning and in the evening she eats a slice of black bread with cheese or sausage. For lunch she treats herself to what she just feels like – but without a lookup. If she gets hungry in between, she reaches for cottage cheese or vegetables. After dinner, there is only water or unsweetened teas.

Trick 4: Overcome the shame

The first 20 kilos tumbled in record time. To lose even more, she enrolled in the gym. “Being so overweight is a challenge, because looks can hurt you.” She attended classes 2 to 3 times a week. After 14 months Sophia weighed only 70 kilograms. Her balance breathed – and her body with the same.

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