Bye-bye, Tummy – Martina Weighed 72 Kilos, then 54 Kilos

Martina (21, 1.64m) previously weighed 72 kilos, after 54 kilos © private; Susanne Wegner

When Martina was asked if she was pregnant, she was shocked and then sent: she changed 5 little things in her life. The result: a firm stomach and minus 18 pounds in just 5 months

Martina had already made a few half-hearted attempts to get rid of her annoying pummies. But it just did not work. During her graduation period, the 21-year-old had a few kilos of food. “I sat a lot at the desk and learned. And if I did not learn, I ate. Mostly pizza and chocolate. “The consequences: At a height of 1.64 meters, she finally brought 72 kilos on the scales. What she did then:

Martina weighed 72 kilos, then 54 kilos

Change 1: Diet Change

Martina stroked animal protein in the morning from her diet and ate very rich in carbohydrates. “There was and still is wholemeal bread with sweet or savory spreads or oatmeal with soy milk and fruit.” Lunch had significantly fewer carbohydrates, and dinner no longer. “That was hard at first. But then I got used to eating bread, rice or potatoes in the evening. “Instead, there were salads or vegetables with meat or fish on their plates.


Change 2: Pause

Between meals, Martina ate nothing for 5 hours. So her body had time to tap into the fat reserves. Another plus: the blood sugar level remained constant at a level, and cravings had no chance. Instead of sweet drinks as before, Martina consistently took to the water, occasionally with a cup of coffee.


Change 3: Build Condition

“At the same time I registered in the fitness center and trained my endurance 3 times a week for one hour,” says Martina. Either she cycled, or she went to the elliptical machine. The quick weight loss became her motivator: “I was completely amazed how quickly I lost weight and remained consistent for the next 5 months.”


Change 4: Strength Training

But when she had reached her supposed dream weight, Martina was not satisfied. “At that time I weighed even 2 kilos less than today, but I did not like it yet. I was super slim, clear, but did not look sporty. “A coach advised her to build not only her stamina but also muscle. From there, Martina changed her program and switched between conditioning and strength training.


Change 5: Reward Success

Today, with 54 kilograms and a well-defined body Martina is totally happy. “I immediately threw away all the old clothes and completely changed my clothes. And now I enjoy the feeling of being really fit. “In order to keep it that way, she allows herself one gourmet day a week:” Every Sunday I eat what I’m feeling right now. So I do not feel that I have to do without something and reward myself for my success. “Congratulations, a very good strategy!

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