Marlene has been Successful – With Gut Feeling Against Pancetta

With regular jogging, Marlene steadily declined, but she did not develop a true passion for running.

With sports, regular meals and lots of gut feeling, Marlene lost 12 kilos of annoying body weight within 6 months

Croissants, Cheese, Coffee with milk: During an internship in Seven, our reader Marlene lived like a goddess in France. After that, she no longer found her figure oh, there, there, but it took her only 6 months to say goodbye to the 12 kilos overweight

“I felt so uncomfortable in my body as never before,” recalls Marlene (25). Although the hotel manager was always very slim, a small lifebuoy now spilled over her waistband. The French cuisine and irregular meal times had left a clear mark. With dress size 40/42 Marlene but did not accept and set her 5 very personal slim rules.

Rule # 1: Claim Help

“I managed to lose weight a bit by walking often,” says Marlene. “But I needed professional support to get in shape. That’s why I was looking for a personal trainer who made a plan for me and did sports with me twice a week. “The fixed dates inspired them to stay on the ball and had the side effect that they did not skip a single workout left. To unpleasant it would have been to cancel.


Rule 2: Do not skip a meal

The most important change was that Marlene was back to fixed mealtimes. “When I worked only at night, it was hard to keep the breakfast-lunch-dinner rhythm,” says the hotel manager. But her discipline paid off quickly here: “My body adjusted to the regularity, I was full longer, and the cravings did not come.”


Rule 3: Listen to yourself

Also in their shopping basket it looked different: Bread, rice and pasta were only available in the wholegrain variant, with fruits and fresh vegetables. Healthy food yes, diet no. This motto is still valid today. “I’ve never addressed instructions such as avoiding carbohydrates in the evening,” she says. “If I fancy a black bread with cream cheese, then I eat it. When it comes to nutrition, I only rely on my common sense. ”


Rule 4: Be flexible – even in sports

Marlene jogged consistently, the often described bliss did not occur with her, however. “For me, jogging is a means to an end, but not my passion.” Although she still puts on running shoes on a regular basis – she prefers the swimsuit. Pulling her tracks 3 times a week for 1 hour is compulsory.


Rule 5: Motivate You Again

Of course, Marlene is happy that she has size 34/36 again. However, the motivation to look after her figure in the future is different: “For me, not the number on the scale is decisive, but my back, which no longer hurts me thanks to my muscles. And my new, easy body feeling. “

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