Low-carb Coffee Mascarpone Ice Cream

Ingredients :

500 g mascarpone

120 ml Aroy D coconut milk

120 ml espresso (alternatively strong coffee)

40 g powder Erythritol

15 drops of stevia

1/2 Ampoule Rum Aroma (optional)

100g sugar free hazelnut chocolate


Low-carb coffee mascarpone ice cream

Today, there is a great & quick recipe for low-carb coffee mascarpone ice cream with a crispy chocolate coat!

It combines so many heavenly flavors that it will truly cause a taste explosion in your mouth ūüėČ

Coffee, mascarpone, rum, chocolate and hazelnuts! Well, does not that sound like music in your ears?

And you do not need 15 minutes to prepare! It’s super fast and easy!

The best ? The ice cream has only 1.9g of usable carbohydrates per 100!

The important thing is that you use the hazelnut chocolate from Torras because it has only 4.5g usable carbohydrates per 100g and is thus a chocolate with extremely few carbohydrates. Of course, if you use a different chocolate, the nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčare no longer correctūüėČ

The chocolate can be found here: << Low Carb Cchocolate >>

100% low carb & keto, gluten free, no added sugar & primal!


First, sift the powder erythritol through a sieve so that you have no lumps in your ice.

Now put all ingredients except the chocolate in a mixing bowl and mix everything well together.

Then fill in the mass in 8 – 10 ice molds and leave them best in the freezer overnight. The ice must be completely frozen so that you get it well out of the molds.

Finally melt the chocolate gently.

Take the ice out of the molds and dip into the chocolate.

Place it on a board lined with baking paper and then place the board in the freezer for another 10 minutes to make the chocolate firm.

Now you can enjoy your first ice cream ūüėČ

Nutrition facts:

Per 100g

condensing         KJ / kcal

KJ            1,247.3

kcal        302.6

fat          30.4

of it saturated   21.0

carbohydrates   9.5

of which sugars 1.6

of which usable KH          1.9

of which polyols               7.6

protein 4.4

salt         0.2


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