Jump Made – Sophia has Lost 10 Pounds

Sophia (44 years, 1.63m) previously weighed 67 kilos and then 57 kilos

For many years, our reader Sophia was a stressed-out workaholic, fed badly, moved little, and kept on gaining weight. Until she lost a bet and won a new, happier life

These nasty little lifebuoys around her stomach bothered Sophia the most. “In addition, the round butt and strong thighs. I did not feel well in my body at all, “recalls the 44-year-old. Sport always played a big role in her life. First as a speed skater, then as a personnel manager at the football club Schalke 04. “But in this great, but exhausting position the movement remained on the track. I worked a lot and paid little attention to myself. “Food was for a long time reassurance and reward at the same time:” For the most part I ate nervously sweetie and went to dinner every night with my husband. “Pasta was served in cream sauce or pizza – and for dessert there was tiramisu or pannacotta. When Sophia stopped smoking and dropped the pill, her weight shot up. At a height of 1.63 meters she weighed in the end 67 kilos. Too much, she thought – and lost 10 kilograms within 6 months.


Step 1: Find Incentivity

An employee knew about Sophia’s dissatisfaction and recommended that she try the Weight Watchers concept. “She said that with my otherwise disciplined nature, I could easily lose 2 pounds in 3 weeks. I thought that was absurd and bet a bottle of champagne against it. “She downloaded the app and was immediately enthusiastic. “I’m a very tech-savvy person and found it great to be able to look up and enter everything about groceries anytime, anywhere.”


Step 2: Checking out food

She critically checked her meals. Instead of rushing to the office without breakfast, Sophia started the day healthy and ate a whole meal roll with lean salmon ham or porridge before going to work. “That provided energy in the morning and lasted wonderfully long.” At noon, there was a cottage cheese with fruit salad and a spoonful of chia seeds. Similar to psyllium, the Mexican pseudo cereal is very high in fiber and swells up in the stomach. And in the evening rice or whole meal pasta with steamed vegetables were on the plate. If she was overly hungry in the meantime, Sophia would rather eat apples, pineapple and berries instead of chocolate and cake. In addition, she consistently exchanged all sweet drinks for water with a dash of lemon. Coffee specialties with syrup were taboo, but always hot ginger tea steamed in her cup.


Step 3: Doing Sport

At the same time, Sophia got going . Twice a week she kicked the stress away at indoor cycling. “And I went to EMS training once a week for 20 minutes.” Exercises such as squats or sit-ups are assisted by stimulation current, which provides faster muscle growth. All this quickly showed its effect: Sophia actually lost 2 kilos in 3 weeks – and thus her bet. “But I was glad about that after reading in my app how many calories a glass of champagne has …”


Step 4: Rethinking Life

Sophia went on and trained specifically the small pads on the hips. And the more she got into shape, the less well her old life felt. In the meantime, she found a new athletic path for herself and started running 10 kilometers 3 or 4 times a week. And that had far-reaching consequences: “My body changed – but also my attitude. Suddenly, the job was no longer everything for me, including myself and my health. ”


Step 5: Breaking new ground

This realization changed everything: Sophia trained alongside her main job in the sports field and acquired licenses to work as a fitness and indoor as well as EMS and Pilates trainer. The termination as HR manager was only the logical consequence. Today – with her dream weight of 57 kilograms and dress size 36 – Sophia works as a self-employed trainer, and there she benefits from her own past. “I feel very good in my stressed-out clients because I’ve lived this way until recently,” she says. “And I’m a good role model. Because I can say with conviction: Today I’m much happier and healthier than before! “

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