Jennifer Forced the Kilos in the Knee : Lost 20 Pounds

Jennifer (24 years old, 1.69m) was eating from 80 to 60 kilos

A look at her own photo was painful: so much of herself, our reader Jennynie wanted to see more … So she developed her own weight loss program – and lost in 20 months 20 kilograms in 10 months!

The plan was: Jenny wanted to lose weight uncomplicated and inexpensive. Fancy calorie counting and expensive diet programs, the 24-year-old did not. Without further ado, she developed her own strategy and shrank by three sizes in record time from 44 to 38. “When I stood before the mirror, I no longer liked my body. I weighed in the end with a size of 1.69 meters 80 kilos, “recalls Jenny. Too many and too large meals had left their mark. With this 5-point plan, she finally pulled the emergency brake:

Point 1: Have a good breakfast

Time and again, the nursing assistant had tried to lose a few pounds. But it never worked. “Today I know that I made the first mistake in the morning: I did not have breakfast, had a snack in the morning and then ate XXL portions at noon.” So Jenny made breakfast the most important meal: whole meal roll or muesli – creating a filling foundation for the day.


Point 2: Less Carbs

Instead of pizza, there was now home-cooked, such as vegetables or rice. “After that, I stopped eating carbohydrates because they made you fat.” Bread, potatoes, and sweets were taboo for the rest of the day. “Until then, I allowed myself but also a piece of Schoki. Strict prohibitions only frustrate. I wanted a nutritional change that I could last forever. “In the evenings Jenny nibbled vegetables and cheese or ate lettuce with lean meat.


Point 3: Expose fattening

When she was thirsty, Jenny drank cola or lemonade earlier.”When I focused more on food, I was shocked at how many calories it contained.” Jenny’s pancreas was constantly pouring out insulin to break down the large amounts of sugar. The result: blood sugar fluctuations, which in turn led to food cravings. “From there, there was only water or herbal teas.”

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Point 4: Train almost every day in

Parallel, Jenny became active and bought a mat and 2 one-pound dumbbells. Almost every day, she spent about 45 minutes doing workouts on the Internet or in magazines. She quickly felt her body change, become firmer. “That was and is my motivation to continue training.”


Point 5: Stay patient

On the scale, Jenny turned every 2 weeks. “Many expect too fast successes and then break off disappointed their project.” Jenny’s consequence has paid off against it. After 10 months, the scales showed their desired weight: 60 kilos. Congratulation!

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