A smoothie shop charges $4.80 for a small size 12-ounce smoothie and $6.40 for a large size 16-ounce smoothie. The manager has decided to begin selling a jumbo size 22-ounce smoothie. The manager needs to find a price for the new jumbo size smoothie. How can the manager use ratios to determine an appropriate price for the price of the jumbo size smoothie? Are the small and large smoothies priced in this way?

Accepted Solution

Price for jumbo size smoothie is $8.8. It is calculate by finding the price charged per ounce of smoothie and then multiplying it by the number of ounces.Step-by-step explanation:To find out the price of the 22-ounce smoothie, you will calculate the price per ounce of smoothieOunce : Price   12      :  $4.8    1       :    xCross multiply12x = 4.8x = [tex]\frac{4.8}{12}[/tex]x = $0.4So, 1 ounce costs $0.4, 22 ounces would cost---> 22 x 0.4 = $8.8To check whether the small and large smoothies are priced in the same way,1 ounce = $ 0.412 ounces = 0.4 x 12 = $4.816 ounces = 0.4 x 16 = $6.4Therefore, the appropriate price for the jumbo size 22-ounce smoothie is $8.8 and the small and large smoothies are also priced in the same way.Keyword: RatiosLearn more about ratios at