A cylinder has a radius of 4 feet and a height of 3 feet. What is the volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth 3. Use 3.14 to approximate Ο€

Accepted Solution


We must use a certain formula to find the volume of a cylinder. The formula is:

V = pi Γ— r^2 Γ— h

Pi = Approximately 3.14

Radius = 4 ft

Height = 3 ft

Use the formula to solve for the volume of this cylinder.


V = 3.14 Γ— 4^2 Γ— h

V = 50.24 Γ— 3

V = 150.72

Round to the nearest tenth.


The volume of the cylinder, to the nearest tenth, is 150.72 cubic feet.

**Volume is ALWAYS cubed, so put a small 3 just above the end of "feet" to indicate that it is cubed.