Galloping to the Dream Figure Isabelle has been Successful

Isabelle (21), a business lawyer from Stuttgart, lost 60 kilos within 15 months

Shortly before the gastric band surgery, our reader Isabelle heard of a promising weight loss program and launched a last attempt. It was worth it: within 15 months she lost 60 kilos

Tent-like robes are one thing. But what if the extra kilos cause health problems, limit life and also make them lonely? Then it’s high time for fundamental changes.

“I was always fat,” says Isabelle in retrospect. But when she moved out with her parents, all dams broke by weight. While her mother looked after regular and balanced meals, Isabelle’s diet now looked like this: hearty and greasy. That was not without consequences. At a height of 1.74 meters, she weighed in at 126 kilos, squeezed herself into clothes size 48/50 and became increasingly short of breath. Consequence: She got involved in her apartment and gave up her hobby of riding. Until she followed the tips:

Advice 1: Find your way

“It was always clear to me that I would not be able to handle my overweight alone. Therefore, I informed myself at the health insurance company about a stomach reduction and initiated everything necessary in the way, “Isabelle remembers. But shortly before the operation, everything changed: “I heard about a program at a naturopath, which should optimize the metabolism. I immediately felt touched by the idea and the strict rules. ”


Advice 2: Be discreet

Isabelle launches but says nothing to anyone. “That would have put too much pressure on me. Besides, I did not want to be a loser if it did not work out. ”


Advice 3: Stay consistent

The young woman received a plan of which food she was allowed to eat and which not. The quantities were specified exactly. After a 2-day detoxification phase, she systematically changed her diet, taking at least 5 hours between meals each day.


Advice 4: Change Everything

When Isabelle ate, she did it consciously. “In the past, the TV was on the side or I wrote emails in parallel. That was a mistake, because you do not feel his satiety and eat more and more. “Instead of fat, hearty food, there were fresh and protein-rich foods such as meat and fish with salad or vegetables. When the scale was under 100 kilograms, Isabelle slowly started jogging and reached after less than a year, her dream weight of 66 pounds.


Advice 5: Enjoy the Success

As a reward, Isabelle fulfilled a dream. Her waist now adorns a tattoo with the slogan “Do not forget to love yourself”. Why? “It reminds me of what I’ve done and how important it is to keep an eye on your own desires and needs.”

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