First Lose Weight, then Muscles Full: Sarah has Lost 60 Pounds

Sarah has Lost 60 Pounds

First Sarah (32, 1.76 m) wanted to get away only her fat. She shredded from 130 to 70 kilos. “But then iron fever seized me,” says Karo. Therefore, the Hamburgerin lifts in addition to their endurance training up to 5 times a week weights. Strong, right?

After 60 kilos of weight loss, our reader Karo could have just rested on their success. But she does not. Her new goal is now to take part in a bodybuilding championship.

Only 66 weeks lie between the two photos. 66 weeks in which Karo almost halved. Because at their hard time, the employee wore dress size 52/54 and brought in a size of 1.76 meters 130 kilos on the scales. She did not believe that she would ever be able to break down these masses. Until New Year’s Eve in 2011.

Sarah has lost 60 pounds

Step 1: Setting Realistic Goals

Until then, she had tried various diets. But each time the yo-yo effect struck and even gave her extra pounds. “I was unhappy and had already given up, because I always had this incredible number of 60 pounds overweight in mind. But on this New Year’s Eve, I decided to just lose 10 pounds. And suddenly the goal seemed attainable. ”

Step 2: Acquire knowledge

Karo read a lot about healthy nutrition, unmasked – and avoided immediately – fattening like her beloved milk coffee. With the new knowledge came the realization: “In the past I ate too much carbohydrate and ate too little protein.” Today there is oatmeal for breakfast with protein powder and cinnamon, for lunch and dinner poultry or fish with vegetables or salad. And snacks? Are deleted!

Step 3: prove discipline

At the same time Karo registered in the fitness center. “That’s right across from my job. So I ruled out the risk of first going home and getting stuck there. “In the studio, she wanted to know: she trained 5 times a week, on the sixth day, sauna was on the plan. Within a year, Karo lost a whopping 60 kilos and now proudly wears size 38 clothes. And even the excess skin on the arms, legs and stomach, which appeared after the extreme weight loss, has receded thanks to hard strength training. After this success, Karo wants more: “I do not just want to stay slim, but have a muscular body.” That’s why Karo continues to train diligently.

Step 4: Take others along

And she does as she used to – she lets others share in her success. Already during the weight loss process she posted diligently on Facebook – and her friends watched in amazement the transformation. “It was a win-win situation for everyone: I inspired others with my discipline, and their encouragement motivated me unbelievably. My biggest dream today is to help others with their weight loss plans. “

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