Elderly Woman Hospitalized After Suffering a Fall

The mother of the Brazilian presenter Sonia Abrao suffered some injuries

When people enter old age or old age , it is normal for them to lose power over the years. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to prevent them from having certain accidents that could endanger their lives. An example is the case of the elderly woman hospitalized after suffering a fall.

An elderly woman hospitalized after suffering a fall

The presenter Sonia Abrao has used her social networks to show her fans what happened to her mother days ago. The old woman is hospitalized after suffering a fall because of a carpet.

Currently, the woman is in the semi-intensive care unit and will have to be operated in the next few days. Because of the fall, Cecilia, which is what the lady’s name is, has bruises on her forehead, has an important fracture in the arm, in addition to the right part of the broken face and 2 foci of blood in the brain.

The actress herself commented in the publication that on several occasions her mother was warned that it was better to remove that carpet from home to avoid an altercation. But she didn’t want to.

Although it may seem incredible, falls and domestic accidents are the major causes of hospitalization of the elderly. In words collected by UOL , Natan Chehter, geriatrician of the Portuguese Beneficencia de Sao Paulo, ¬ęcarpets, steps, wet floors, slippery bathtubs, poorly lit environments and poorly adapted furniture are environmental factors that increase the risks of falls for the elderly . Therefore, we must have control of these.

According to data from the World Health Organization , adults with 65 years or more usually suffer between 28 and 35% of falls. This percentage can go up to 42 once the 70 years pass.


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