Claudia Weight Loss Success Story, She Lost 16 Kilos!!

Thanks to clean eating 3 dress sizes slimmer

Claudia has lost weight, before she weighed 73 kilos and then 57 kilos

Claudia (24 years, 1.64 m) has declined: Before she weighed 73 kilos and then 57 kilos

Trust is good, control is better. With an app and clean eating Claudia moved her overweight to body and lost in no time 3 sizes of clothes

A couple of pups always sat with Claudia on the ribs too much. But after a knee operation, she was afraid to gain more. That’s why she preferred to put something down: her bad eating habits. With sensational result! Within

24 months, she lost 16 pounds. The 5 Stages of a Success Story:

Claudia Weight Loss Success Story

Station 1: Hear Warning Signals

Diagnosis of Cruciate Ligament Tear. Claudia’s bed neighbor in the hospital had already undergone knee surgery – and increased by the lack of exercise 10 pounds. “That was like a wake-up call for me. Because I weighed at a height of 1.64 meters already 73 pounds and wore size 42. I did not want to be thicker in any case. ”


Station 2: debunking errors

So the student took a critical look at her eating habits: “Until then, I ate two rolls in the morning, some sweets from the baker in the morning, or a meatloaf sandwich. At noon there were 2 plates of pasta, in the afternoon rice pudding or semolina and in the evening again 3 to 4 rolls with lush topping. ”


Station 3: Full braking

Claudia reduced her permanent lining immediately drastically, ate fewer meals and reduced the portions. And she loaded a weight loss app on her smartphone to control her calorie intake. “Thanks to MyFitnessPal I always knew how much I could still eat.”


Station 4: Defining the goal

At the same time, she learned about healthy nutritional concepts and calories on Instagram and fitness bloggers online. “Most of all, clean eating convinced me. Instead of industrially processed, only fresh food is consumed, “explains Claudia. She eats so today. “In the morning there are oatmeal with soy milk and fruits, at noon salad or vegetables with egg, salmon or shrimp and stuffed vegetables in the evening or crispy cream cheese.” So the pounds tumbled, and Claudia fit in size 36, but she was not satisfied with it yet,


Station 5: Getting busy

“Although I was leaner, but had no condition at all and still huffing with every effort,” said Claudia. That’s why she started to run in the gym – and caught fire by the quick successes: Within a few weeks she made the 10 kilometers under 60 minutes! She had not dared to dream that a few months earlier. 4 to 5 times a week she still does sports, but now mostly muscle building. “Movement is no longer a compulsory event for me, but a beloved ritual. My whole life has changed. I have become much more purposeful, even during my studies, and I feel much more energetic. “Congratulations!

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