Ancient Secrets of Doctors for those who have bad Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

With just two simple ingredients you will feel much better

The following recipe will thoroughly clean your arteries, eliminating toxins from the blood and cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels.

Your brain flow improves a lot, which will make your mind more active, your memory better, your metabolism faster and your weight loss more pronounced.

Folk medicine has long used these recipes, such as the one presented today to prevent and treat diseases. The two main ingredients of this recipe are lemon and garlic. It should be noted that both products are recognized as antioxidants and alkalizing agents.

These have been used by folk medicine for a long time to prevent and treat ailments.

Likewise, several scientific investigations have already demonstrated their antioxidant capacity.

These will regenerate the blood and your body with this recipe. Look at the ingredients and try it.


Garlic: 4 heads;

Organic lemon: 4 medium units with peel;

Water: 3 liters of boiled water in a glass or stainless steel container


  1. Wash all ingredients well, cut the garlic into pieces and sliced ​​lemons
  2. Place both ingredients in a glass bowl and pour some boiled water on them.
  3. Mix well and put the mixture in a clean glass bowl. Pour the rest of the water on them until it is filled.
  4. Cover and leave in the cold for three days. Strain and keep the drink cold.

Start with a tablespoon of dose 3 times a day before meals.

If the recipe is successful, slowly increase the dose. Keep in mind that the maximum daily dose should not exceed 50 ml. and that you can take it 3 times a day.

Perform this treatment once a year for 40 days.

You see having tests to compare with previous levels, but always consult your doctor to control cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.

Important:  Remember that the data presented in this article does not replace the consultation with a doctor. Therefore, before taking this home remedy, consult him if it is advisable to take it.

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