A Woman’s Blue Blood Turned

A medicine to calm a toothache was the culprit

It is important to keep track of health. To do this, you should see a doctor and have regular checkups. Among the tests that are recommended to do are blood tests because thanks to these several anomalies can be detected. Although it may seem incredible, a woman turned blue blood and discovered it when she went to the hospital when she felt bad.

A 25-year-old girl turned blue blood, literally

In Providence, Rhode Island, United States, doctors at a medical center encountered a slightly unusual case. This is none other than that of a young woman who turned her blue blood.

The doctors Benjamin Blackwood and Otis Warren of Miriam Hospital in Providence were those who treated the girl who came to the emergency room with a generalized fatigue and breathing difficulties, among other symptoms.

The blue hue was due to an analgesic that the young woman had taken to calm the “toothache.”

According to Dr. Warren to CNN , “it is one of those rare cases about those who teach us, for those who study, you undergo exams, but you can rarely see.” In fact, when he was doing the practices he saw another patient with blue blood. Therefore, he took care of the young woman.

The medicine that caused the color change in the blood

The cause of the girl’s blue blood turned was benzocaine. This underwent a reaction to an active substance found therein. It should be noted that these types of drugs are sold without a prescription to cure cold sores and toothache.

It is true that what happened to her is a very isolated case that cannot happen, but you must take into account and increase precautions and prevent children under 2 years of age from taking this type of medicine.

Luckily, the patient is well after the treatment received at the medical center. However, if the mutated blood is greater than 50%, the person may suffer from a coma or brain and heart problems due to not having enough blood to the tissue. If the blood is more than 60%, the patient may die.

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